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Will Trust

Unlike a ‘Lifetime Trust’ which is set up when you are alive, a Will Trust is set up once you have died.

In simple terms, rather than transferring everything in your share of the estate to your spouse or partner when you die, it is put into a Trust. By doing so, you are, in essence, putting a protective arm around your wealth.

For example, if you put your share of your home into the Trust, your spouse can continue to live in the home for as long as they wish. It also makes sure your share can’t be transferred to anyone who is not named in the Trust as a Beneficiary – helping to protect it should your spouse remarry or want to pass it to someone else. It may also have tax advantages as putting assets in Trust can help to reduce the burden of Inheritance Tax and make sure you leave more for future generations.

Why a Trust Will could help you control and protect your wealth

  • Your share will only go to those loved ones you have named
  • Helps to reduce Inheritance Tax for future generations

There are many different types of Trust Wills and it is important that the correct one is identified for you and your family. Our experts will help to work though the different options, exploring what is best for you before making final recommendations as part of your long term plan.

If you have any questions about our Will Trusts or about any of our services then simply give us a call on 0800 110 5221 or request a callback

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