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Our Approach

Being specialists in legal, estate and later life planning we are ideally placed to help you put in place tailored Plans that are right for you.

To make things easy, we have a simple 4 step process that helps you take control and gives you and your family the protection and peace of mind you need.

Your 4 easy steps

  • Step 1
    Full review in the comfort of your own home to understand what is important to you and your family.
  • Step 2
    Creation of a tailored Plan. From a simple Will to complex inheritance planning, we will build a Plan that is right for you.
  • Step 3
    Go through your Plan, making sure you fully understand everything we are recommending and why.
  • Step 4
    Review at any time – making sure your plans continue to meet any change in your circumstances.

Our services

Once we have had the chance to sit down and discus your needs we will recommend solutions. It may be that you will only need one or two of our services, but in some circumstances you may need more. We will only know what is best for you once we have talked about your current circumstances and future needs.

To make things simple, we have grouped our services into 2 areas; services that protect you and your family and those that protect your wealth and assets.

To find out more about our services click here.


Our initial no-obligation review is free. Once we have a clear understanding of your needs we will develop a clear set of recommendations and then sit down and walk you through them. At this stage we will also provide a clear indication of the costs of putting each element of the plan in place.

We believe in offering excellent value and will always be open and clear about the costs of our plans and what benefits they offer. That way you can make an informed choice on what is right for you and your family.

If you have any questions about you future planning needs or about any of our services then simply give us a call on 0800 110 5221 or request a callback


“I was given very good advice on how to deal with a family trust. I was advised what I needed to do to achieve what I wanted and pointed in the right direction. Thanks very much”
K. Hodgson

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